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sede aziendaOur customers have been appreciating the reliability and quality of our products and services for the past 70 years. We started out with means of transport with overhead lines, like conveyors, and went on to include lift trucks. Now we handle materials with electric tractors and also manufacture professional floor scrubber/dryers, which often operate in the same places and for the same customers. This succession of products has developed along with the market and technology. Established in 1996, DEC has made use of the sales and technical know-how that its staff members acquired during these previous experiences. Our company is situated in Modena, in the area known as "Motor Valley" which, in our case, offers us a vast number of specialized enterprises within the range of a few tens of kilometers, that help us to create the very highest quality products.

sede dec 2Our sales network is scattered throughout Europe and comprises a fair number of Dealers able to provide an advisory service that meets every need for skill and professionalism.

If problems need to be solved, we visit our end customers in order to ensure the success that becomes customer satisfaction.

sede decThus our line of conduct is determined by our customers' needs and this often leads us to customize our products: not all our competitors are able to do this owing to their size. The skill, commitment and, most especially, the creativity of our staff is also and above all rewarded by customer satisfaction.

dec in fieraElectric tractors are sometimes called "i Bull" by some car companies. Well, Bull is the name that DEC gave its tractors in 1998. That the name of our tractors now identifies the actual product in general is, for us, an unattainable satisfaction: but we succeeded in our intent!