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Main features
Tipo trattore: 
Electric tug
Numero di ruote: 
3 wheels
Tipo di guida: 
Capacità di traino: 
1500 Kg
Velocità a carico/vuoto: 
4 / 6 km/h
Sforzo al gancio: 
600 N
Pendenze superabili a carico/vuoto: 
2% / 10%
570 x 860 mm
160 Kg
Guarda il video: 

Our mod. TR Z and TR 4 towing tractors are extremely compact machines that are also easy to use.

Thanks to their small size, they are ideal for work in crowded places or where their is not much room to move. They are specifically designed to push or tow materials that would otherwise have to be shifted by hand or by other unsuitable means. They can be used in a great many situations: hospitals, stations or airports, automotive and other manufacturing industries, towing boats and caravans to storage facilities, etc. Use of these vehicles sensibly increases productivity since they speed up the job and totally eliminate the physical effort and relative risks to which the operators are exposed. The basic machine is supplied with a standard tow hitch but on request, we can supply customers with hitches featuring the specific characteristics and functions they require. The two models differ as to towing capacities, ability to operate on different floor surfaces, operating time.

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