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B38 BC

B38 BC
B38 BC
B38 BC
Main features
Tipo di guida: 
1 / 380 n° / mm
Corridoio di lavoro: 
380 mm
Capacità di lavoro: 
1200 m² / h
Capacità serbatoi: 
15 / 17 l
2 - 12 - 44 Ah (C5)
780 x 460 x 550 mm
71 kg
Guarda il video: 

The B 38 range of SCRUBBER DRYERS is extremely compact and easy to handle, suitable for working nimbly and quickly in tight space: it has all of those technical solutions which make the most modern scrubber dryers stand

It is designed to minimise the user’s work. It has maintenance free batteries which last about an hour as well as a built in battery charger. The rudder can be easily inclined to adapt to any operator and this is where the user will find the extremely intuitive controls, well grouped and easy to reach. The recovery tank has a wide opening to facilitate sanitizing. The floor squeegee unit is completely adjustable without the need for tools and is capable of drying every corner.

It is available in three versions: wired or battery operated as well as a third version which can operate both wired or by battery.

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