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Main features
Tipo di guida: 
On board
1 / 560 n° / mm
Corridoio di lavoro: 
560 mm
Capacità di lavoro: 
3300 m² / h
Capacità serbatoi: 
60 / 70 l
180 / 190 Ah (C5)
3,5 h
1250 x 630 x 1220 mm
116 /130 kg
Guarda il video: 

The M3 is a small RIDE-ON SCRUBBER-DRYER with ultimate manageability and maneuverability. This product is designed to be used in small/medium sized factories, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and other public establishments rendering the cleaning process much more comfortable for the operator in comparison to a walk behind scrubber.

It is highly ergonomic for any operator and easy to use thanks to an intuitive, well grouped and easily accessible control panel. The machine is equipped with a series of expedients and modern functions such as the detergent dosing system and the solution flow rate self-regulation which is dependent on the machine speed, thus offering a considerable saving of both cleaning time and costs.

Additional features of the M3 are: the extreme autonomy provided, thanks to considerable battery capacity; an easy to clean recovery tank, thanks to the large opening; and lastly, the automatic parking brake. Given the extremely low noise production of the machine, it is suitable to be used in any environment.

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