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S43 B

S43 B
S43 B
S43 B
Main features
Tipo di guida: 
1 / 430 n° / mm
Corridoio di lavoro: 
430 mm
Capacità di lavoro: 
1376 m² / h
Capacità serbatoi: 
24 / 31 l
2 - 12 - 85 Ah (C5)
960 x 550 x 750 mm
118 Kg
Guarda il video: 

Our SCRUBBER DRYER MODEL S 43, both in the battery version and the cable version, is our proposal for a small professional machine.

In fact, this machine while having very small dimensions, provides a performance completely similar to machines of larger categories, excellent cleaning power, perfect drying and more than sufficient autonomy for the locations for which it is intended. The winning characteristics of this model are: collection tank that can be fully sanitized, weight on the brush that optimizes the work of the brush itself, completely silent operation, excellent drying ability on all types of flooring, adjustment of wipers and replacement of blades without tools, easy to use and ergonomic, possibility of battery charger on board.

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