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Main features
Tipo di guida: 
On board
2 / 430 n° / mm
Corridoio di lavoro: 
860 mm
Capacità di lavoro: 
4500 m² / h
Capacità serbatoi: 
145 / 165 l
24 / 420 Ah (C5)
3 - 4 h
1690 x 800 x 1420 mm
660 kg
Guarda il video: 

The RIDE-ON SCRUBBER DRYER RUNNER MODEL, as well as being a compact machine capable of working even in confined space, gives performance that will satisfy the mast demanding of industrial applications.

The operator is able to use the controls to select the pressure of the brushes and the quantity of solution released: this allows the machine to work in the best conditions for the floor surfacing and for the dirt to be removed.

The excellent range of solution and energy allows for the se of this scrubber dryer even in large areas such as airports, supermarkets or large business.

A series of modern solutions facilitate the work to be carried out automatic raising of the wipers in reverse gear, automatic speed redaction while turning, automatic braking when operator is no longer on board, replacement of the wiper blades without the need for tools and others besides.

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