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Bull 08

Bull 08
Bull 08
Main features
Tipo trattore: 
Electric tractor
Numero di ruote: 
3 wheels
Tipo di guida: 
On board
Capacità di traino: 
1000 Kg
Velocità a carico/vuoto: 
6 / 10 km/h
Sforzo al gancio: 
1100 N
Pendenze superabili a carico/vuoto: 
5% / 12%
750 x 1300 mm
330 Kg

Bull 08 and Bull 08 S are indoor tractors suitable, as to dimensions and capacity, for light work such as towing caddy carts or for slightly heavier jobs, like towing trailers in factories.

The steering system is very easy to use, being the same as that of a scooter. These machines are available in two versions: rider seated or standing. The stand-on version is ideal for work where the operator must continually get on and off the vehicle, while the rider seated version is better for lengthy handling or repetitive jobs. The battery is the semi-traction or traction type. In the traction version, it can be removed vertically or sideways for easy, quick replacement. Convenient and simple to use, the battery charger can be installed on board on request.

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