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SM2 55 T

SM2 55 T
Main features
Tipo di guida: 
2 / 280 n° / mm
Corridoio di lavoro: 
550 n° / mm
Capacità di lavoro: 
1900 m² / h
Capacità serbatoi: 
45 / 55 l
2 - 12 - 90 Ah (C5)
1120 x 600 x 1020 mm
148 kg
Guarda il video: 

SM 2 SCRUBBER DRYER family is characterized by easy use : extremely compact can work in a very narrow place also with many obstacles.

The great productivity and the low consumption put SM 2 at its category top level.

It is studied to minimize operator work: it is perfect for long use thanks to an ergonomic handgrip more the large visible display of the electronic console shows to the operator parameters selection and possible diagnostics.

It is designed for an easy maintenance: the recovery thank has a large opening easy to be cleaned. The SM 2 model is produced in four versions: with 45 cm working aisle by cable, by battery without and with electric traction, with 52 cm by battery and traction. The battery versions can have separate detergent supply to optimize productivity and consumption.

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