Da 70 anni i nostri clienti apprezzano l’affidabilità e la qualità dei nostri prodotti e servizi.

DEC Spa – via Omero, 89
41123 Modena Italy
tel: +39 059 373222
fax: +39 059 374199
email:  info@decmodena.com

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    Scrubber-Dryers SCRUBBER-DRYERS
    Competence and Professionalism Quality production The result is our goal COMPLETE RANGE
    technologically advanced

    DEC Modena s.p.a.


    +39 059 373222
    via Omero, 89 - 41123 Modena Italy

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    DEC SpA was established in 1996 as a continuation of the industrial initiatives of its proprietor.
    Business and technical know-how already acquired by the staff members was put to good use and the company began to produce electric tractors and industrial scrubber-dryers.
    Tractors soon became a point of reference in the sector and to date, several thousand have been produced and are used throughout Europe.
    In 2008, DEC moved to the new facility situated near the Modena Nord motorway exit, where it still is today. In the area known as ‘Motor Valley‘, technological trailblazer in every industrial sector.


    Discover all our scrubber-dryer models. Visit the section.

    Electric tractors

    The tractor range includes various types as to number of wheels, driving position, loading and towing capacity. The standard products can also be adapted to create special versions.

    Our services

    Business relations with our potential customers commence by exchanging information about the job our machines will be required to do, in what way, where, with which sort of loads, how fast and other important additional details. This preliminary stage, which turns into specialized consultancy, often terminates with a site inspection performed by us or one of our Dealers. Solutions can often be found by customizing our machines or by streamlining the machinery pool. Obviously, our work does not end by consigning vehicle but goes on to ensure it functions efficiently over time. A Hot Call Service, an efficient replacement parts service, training courses for salespeople and technicians help to obtain the results we set ourselves as goals.

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