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We have a complete and constantly updated range of industrial tractors and floor scrubber/dryers because we believe that there is no single answer to market demands but that each client is important and deserves a customized solution.

In-depth analysis of the procurement route and the company's technical-production layout allows us to offer specific solutions focused on total customer satisfaction, thanks to the dynamic and flexible approach that has always been our hallmark.

We pay the utmost attention to detail, from the type of floor and the presence of unevenness to the size of the aisles and the number of hours the machine must be used. Nothing is neglected and each detail becomes an integral part of the design of our products.

Professional integrity is our best business card, customer satisfaction our best reference.

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Since we manufacture our own machines, we are more than happy to organize technical courses where our dealers can get to know, try out and learn about the characteristics of our products and their optional accessories.

We believe that a properly trained person is able transmit all the passion and quality on which our work is based.

We believe in creating a relationship founded on friendship and cooperation. We take care of the present because we believe in the future.



DEC has dealers with fully trained personnel able to provide all the necessary technical and commercial pre- and after-sales assistance.

Our sales network covers the whole of Italy and is also present in many other European countries. Such a widespread presence allows us to provide detailed assistance for our machines. So much so, our customers can organize routine maintenance schedules thanks to which machine downtime never lasts for more than one working day.

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Our replacement parts stores contain all the spares that may be required for every type of machine.

We have created a service exclusively dedicated to replacement parts and can process orders in 48 hours.

Each machine or group of machines comes with a parts manual containing the codes of all the relative components so that they can be easily ordered when required.

Reliability and efficiency are the qualities on which our company is based, from production to management, from the finished machine to the individual part.



DEC has always offered the services of its sales network when special products must be researched.

Thanks to a production range manufactured within the company and 40 years of experience acquired in the industrial load handling and cleaning industry, we can accurately assess the feasibility and costs of accessories as well as non-standard technical solutions in just a few working days.

A dynamic outlook and a propensity towards customer satisfaction, high quality and long-lasting products are distinctive features that make DEC your trusted partner.