Da 70 anni i nostri clienti apprezzano l’affidabilità e la qualità dei nostri prodotti e servizi.

DEC Spa – via Omero, 89
41123 Modena Italy
tel: +39 059 373222
fax: +39 059 374199
email:  info@decmodena.com

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    50th Anniversary

    The desire to be partners of its customers has always been one of DEC’s prime concerns.

    This year, the company celebrates the 50th anniversary of the entrepreneurial experience of the Della Casa family.

    Experience that began 50 years ago when DECA Carrelli elevatori was established and continues today with DEC spa, electric towing tractors and professional floor scrubber-dryers.

    What these two enterprises have in common is a family that wants nothing better than to get down to business and accept challenges.

    The two companies, DECA and DEC, also share the same target market, logistics, to which the founder family has dedicated its attention for the past 50 years.

    Over the years, the logistics industry has changed and the market has evolved. DEC has always kept pace with all the new requirements by offering first vertical handling equipment (lift trucks) and then horizontal handling equipment (towing tractors).

    Supplying the trade with towing tractors was a challenge the company took on and won!

    When DEC was established, its core product was professional scrubber-dryers to suit the requirements of customers which, as DECA, it had always supplied lift trucks.

    Industrial cleaning is a requirement shared by all companies, especially those with storage facilities or workshops where goods are handled.

    The decision to produce electric tractors was inspired by the needs expressed by certain customers.

    A challenge that DEC was eager to accept, beginning with two particularly demanding areas of interest: the horticultural and hospital sectors.

    The first tractors developed by DEC were also designed to operate in indoor environments with particular hygiene needs, where delicate goods would be handled. The tractors were so successful and appreciated by the customers that DEC decided to re-assess its logistic product and focus on electric tractors.

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