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    BULL 2

    Main characteristics

    Type of tractor: electric tractor
    Type of driving system: on board/steering wheel/pedals
    Number of wheels: 3
    Towing capacity: 2000 kg
    Speed when empty/loaded: 12 – 5 km/h
    Max. drawbar pull: N 1800
    Climable gradients when empty/loaded: 12 – 5 %
    Dimensions: mm 900 x 1500 x (h) 1250
    Weight with batteries: 550 kg


    This tractor series, which we have been manufacturing for over ten years, is continuously upgraded and improved. Thousands of these machines have been produced and are still on the market. Its success stems from its ability to deal with the many different requirements of the industrial handling sector.

    These tractors can work both indoors and outdoors thanks to the different versions available: with tyres or superelastic wheels, with or without cab. So many optionals have been added to these machines over the years that now, almost everything has already been designed and is available.

    Both Bull 2, with its 2-ton towing capacity and Bull 4, with its 4-ton towing capacity, are three-wheel tractors able to cover medium distances. They feature an excellent steering angle and an electronic system that monitors both acceleration and regenerative braking. Besides being extremely convenient, this type of braking system safeguards the brakes, which last longer and provide a better performance.


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