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    Main characteristics

    Type of tractor: towing tractor
    Type of driving system: pedestrian by tiller
    Number of wheels: 3 ruote
    Towing capacity: 3000 kg
    Speed when empty/loaded: 6 – 4 km/h
    Max. drawbar pull: N. 2.000
    Climable gradients when empty/loaded: 10 – 2 %
    Dimensions: mm 570 x 859 x (h) 1375
    Weight with batteries: 350 kg


    Designed for towing or pushing heavy loads on wheels which would otherwise have to be handled in the manual mode using unsuitable methods. They can be used in a great many situations: hospitals, stations and airports, automotive and other manufacturing industries, towing boats to storage facilities and many others. Use of these machines obviously does away with the effort of manual work while speeding up the operations themselves. The basic machine, model TR 4, has a standard tow hitch. A hitch with three height positions can be supplied on request. Model TR 4 LIFT has an electrically lifted plate at the rear which allows the material towed to be coupled by the lifting action of the hitch itself. This system can also be installed on a rotating support, called H, which allows both towing tractor and load to achieve wide steering angles. Model TR 4 RC is designed to tow rows of caddies in both the manual mode and by remote control.


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