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    TR 6S

    Main characteristics

    Type of tractor: electric tractor
    Type of driving system: operator seated/standing – on board with steering handlebar
    Number of wheels: 3 ruote
    Towing capacity: 800 kg
    Speed when empty/loaded: 8 – 4 km/h
    Max. drawbar pull: N. 1.000
    Climable gradients when empty/loaded: 10 – 2 %
    Dimensions: mm 550 x 1215 x (h) 1270
    Weight with batteries: 200 kg


    TR 6 and TR 6 S are two small electric towing tractors designed for handling materials or even transporting persons.
    Thanks to their size, they are ideal for use in confined spaces or where people are present, such as stations or airport. They are available in two versions, with the operator seated or standing. The rider-seated version is obviously preferable when longer distances must be covered, while the stand-on version is a better choice when the operator is obliged to constantly gen on and off the vehicle.
    Although the vehicles are small and compact, they possess excellent drawbar pull and can tow up to 800 kg on flat ground with several hours battery autonomy.
    They are very simple to use, just like driving a scooter: steering handlebar, throttle grip, brake lever. There is also a very convenient battery charger on board (on request).


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