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    BULL 7

    Main characteristics

    Type of tractor: electric tractor
    Type of driving system: on board/steering wheel/pedals
    Number of wheels: 3
    Towing capacity: 7000 kg
    Speed when empty/loaded: 15 – 8 km/h
    Max. drawbar pull: N. 5.000
    Climable gradients when empty/loaded: 20 – 5 %
    Dimensions: mm 1030 x 1790 x (h) 1250
    Weight with batteries: 1300 kg

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    Tractor with excellent characteristics, both as to performance and long-lasting reliability. Bull 7 can tow 7 tons, can be used indoors and outdoors and is able to climb steep gradients. Its high-capacity battery allows it to continue operating for a considerable time.
    This is the machine we recommend for heavy duty work and medium-long distances.
    The battery can be removed either vertically or sideways for replacement.
    If the battery is removed sideways, we can supply a roller unit on request so that it can be conveyed to the charging area. The operator can work in comfort even on irregular floor surfaces thanks to the suspensions with which the tractor is fitted.
    The machine is equipped with an interactive display allowing the operator to select the top speed to suit the different operating conditions while various optionals, such as the Rockinger hitch, starting via badge, machine data acquisition functions and safety devices of different kinds are also available. BULL 7 can be fitted with a cab available in three versions: open, with PVC doors or metal/glass doors.


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