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    BULL 5 / 4W

    Main characteristics

    Type of tractor: electric tractor
    Type of driving system: on board/steering wheel/pedals
    Number of wheels: 4
    Towing capacity: 5000 kg
    Speed when empty/loaded: 12 – 6 km/h
    Max. drawbar pull: N. 3.500
    Climable gradients when empty/loaded: 12 – 5 %
    Dimensions: mm 965 x 2000 x (h) 1170
    Weight with batteries: 900 kg


    The Bull 5/4W is a four wheels electric tractor with suspension.
    It born to be a mean of towing totally stable and sure in every conditions, so it is particularly suitable for external use or difficult road.
    The cabin, on demand, is necessary to work under bad weather condition. Although small, the machine can transport two persons.
    Despite their four wheels, its very good turning radius permit to the machine to work in the best wayinside and outside.
    The tractor can towing 5 tons and is able to climb steep slopes.
    The control unit and motors feature the AC system, allowing the motor to not only drive the machine but also to act as a regenerative brake at accelerator release.
    The dashboard features an interactive display that provides information about the battery charge, hours worked, instantaneous speed, service conditions and technical faults.
    It also allows the operator to select the maximum speed for indoor and outdoor use.
    The battery, even if high capacity can be charged by a high capacity charger high frequency and easily replace thanks to lateral and vertical extraction.

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